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picture thread :)


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This website is probably the most helpfull key to my vending journey and I'm sure it has helped many. I think we should all take our time and I mean everyone here and put a small post about ourselves. Maybe it can be a sticky.


Business name

Full or part time

Bulk or full line

Years in business

How big you've gotten

How you started

Your tip to others

And a picture of you and maybe your machine set up and service truck etc.

Please participate it inspires many of us starters.

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Name: Edgar

Full or part time: full time now since last month

Business name: The Kandy Kornerz

Bulk or full line: both

Years in business: 7 months

How big you've gotten: 45 triples 5 snack 5 coke working on more

How you started: 4 ugly vendstars

Your tip to others: buy your own machines. Get great deals on cl. Don't give up. Self locate. Find good locations once all your machines are out.

And a picture of you and maybe your machine set up and service truck etc.: uploading

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Okay, I'll go for it.

Alex "AJ" Macomber

Part time for now

Full business title: Performa Vending, Amusement, and Entertainment Group Incorporated. Performa Vending for practical reasons.

My vending company is (presently) 1 year old.

I operate a motley assortment of secondhand machines, mostly candy triples, now numbering an operational 20 with more to be deployed soon from storage. In total I think I've got about 30 machines.

I got started with one Ultravend Vend3 triple, and when I find the picture of it's first day in operation, I'll upload it here. It's still in service today.

My big tip: never give up. If you want something, you will have to work for it, and if you can climb over the obstacles, nothing can stop you.

I'd post pics, but my photo limit is quickly approaching. I'll throw something in the gallery soon.

Hopefully that sates a little curiosity TKK!

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Nathan Rice

Rice Family Vending



3 months

I have 10 vendesign machines on location, 7 vendstar 3000s on location, 1 vendstar 3000 as a backup, and 3 Northwesterns waiting to be placed.

I got started in this business as a way to supplement my full-time job. Push came to shove when my oldest daughter started dance, then my middle daughter decided to give it a go. And I know it's only a matter of time before the youngest wants dance lessons also. So, my goal is to grow big enough to pay for dance lessons, put a little aside for vacation, and continue to grow the business. I'd like to get to 60 bulk machines, but that's probably years from now.

My tip: well I just started and have enjoyed the advice from this forum so learn from your friends on vendiscuss. Their experience is invaluable. Oh and don't buy new.

I'm working on a picture.

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Rick Dendy

Hole in One Productions LLC DBA Hole in One Vending

Part time


7 Months vending

23 machines

It something I always wanted to try, the girlfriend had a crappy job on 3rd shift so I figured we could build it up and let her take over. She has no interest in it whatsoever and just moved to days a few weeks ago but I am loving it so not stopping but it's all good because my son wants to help me and wants to start buying his own machines :)

Start small, read the forum daily including back threads, make friends and network here, stay positive and persistent, read the forum, change you business plan as you gain knowledge and grow and stay true to it, and did I mention read the forum?!?


Oh and in case you can't tell from the girl in the bikini, the water & boats or all that sun, I live in paradise, a hot sticky and humid paradise but pretty great all the same!

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Chuck McKeighan

Big Red Vending

Bulk - candy soon to be toys

Part Time

Why to add money for retirement added income wife is a editor/reporter at the local paper and Newspapers have been hit hard with the recession To create something that is mine and run it how I feel a company needs to be ran.

I4 vendstar 12 Placed 2 on standby

The following just recently squired and on Standby to be located as soon as I find homes for them.

2 Uturns one counter top model

4 eagle 4 ways

4 NW 60 as doubles candy wheels

1 Eagle Cabinet Gumball

1 NW 60 round globe Gumball

Vending Just about 2 Months

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