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Wonder Wheel


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I'm now working with another vending operator on the side and he has a problem. Hopefully someone here has seen it and knows what to do.

The machine is a Wonder Wheel manufactured by Seidel pre-buyout. It works fine except for one tiny but powerful glitch: No matter what slot the coins goes into, the machine spits out an average of 150 tickets.

This isn't a constant, but he tells me it's around that amount.

The wheel motor and sensor have been replaced. DIP switch settings are verified correct.

Anyone ever see this before or have an idea how to fix it?



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check all the opto sensors

clean all of them

if it is set to dispense 1 ticket when a quarter is inserted

the ticket opto sensor is dirty and cannot see how many is being dispensed

check to see when it does start this problem if the ticked owed display

says 150 or not

if you have a spare or diffrent ticket printer swap them to see if it fixes the issue

from the manual..

a. Disconnected, loose or

broken wires.

b. Opto Sensor on ticket

dispenser dirty.

c. Faulty ticket dispenser.

d. Notch on tickets cut too


e. Door Interlock switch is not

actuating against door.

f. No 12 Volt power to ticket

dispenser. Power goes

through a filter board in

front of cabinet near ticket


g. Faulty main board

a. Check connectors. Check for


b. Blow dust from sensor and

clean with isopropyl alcohol.

c. Replace with working

dispenser to isolate the


d. Flip tickets and load upsidedown

to have large cut notch

toward opto sensor.

e. Check operation, replace if

needed – A5SW5020.

f. Replace diodes on filter

board. Replace filter board.


g. Replace main board

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Thanks! I'll pass this along today and see if it works!

I'm a newbie to amusement vending, but not to the technical world, I've been a repair tech for 23 years. I suggested a dirty ticket sensor and he seemed to suggest it didn't have one. I have to assume it has something, otherwise how does it know how many tickets to dispense?

I feel vindicated :)

Thanks again, I'll let you know if it worked.

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