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Placed 3 Machines today


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Well I placed 3 machines today at my new check cashing places. I got Don't forget about the at So and so. One of the mangers at another location was on the phone and said when do I get one I have a ton of kids come in here. Sounds like it might be a good spot for one new of my singles to be added to the mix with BB. Just to see how it goes. Two of the Locations are the Company's busiest. Given the part of town a couple of them are In I wanted to get them In before the 1st of the month. Collect my share of the checks being cashed.

That thinking comes from when I ran a Sandwich route years ago had a stop across from the Projects. One the 1st week of the month stop twice and 10 cases of 69 cent burritos and about 125 in sandwiches 2nd week one trip 10 cases burritos and sandwiches 3rd week pull stale 5-6 cases a few sandwiches 4th week nothing till the 1st again. Lesson learned in the Hood be ready for the 1st of the Month.

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