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big red? rootbeer?


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My walgreens has had 5 12 packs for 10$ sale for the last 2 weeks.

It's only


Sunkist orange

A n w


Big red



I bought 25 of 7up 25 of squirt and 10 sunkist

For like 120

So its about 16c per coke. I e never tried the other products do they sell

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7 up is a horrible seller, sunkist sells ok in places with big minority populations, so does

hawaiian punch

root beer sells very well for me, i have tried mug and A&W and A&W sells better

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That's crazy I should try other choices maybe mountain dew

from what i understand mt dew is pretty much the biggest seller in all sodas

for vending. for me it outsells everything else 2:1 in two accounts i actually run

two double columns of mt dew. in those accts which have smaller machines (276, 368) i will

run 2 doubles of dew and 2 doubles of coke because that accounts for 90% of my sales

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