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Did some pulls today


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I pulled 3 of my 4 locations In the town where I live was getting a little to late for the sports bar will do that one in the morning.

these three are at a month and this was there pull

Garage sm but gave it a try Total 5.75 P MM's Mike n Ike MM's

Big seller nothing all about the same across the board

Mexican restaurant-Bakery 15.00 P MM's Hot Tamales and MM's

P MM's and Plain MM's might change the Tamales for Mike and Ike's

Check Cashing 16.50 P MM's MM's skittles. Skittles wheel was messed


MM's the big winner on this one.

(check cashing place had a wheel out of whack wasn't vending skittles like it should, It dose now) I ran a quarter though the machine and gave the Manager the product to show it was working right now

37.25 so far

Tomorrow I will hit the hair saloon, GTR sales, church St Cafe, and the sports bar Franky's and Oly's

Hair Saloon should be Good P MM's Hot Tamales and Skittles

Cafe? not sure P MM's Gumballs Mike and Ike

GTR P MM's Skittles and Hot Tamales

just a quick check before the 1st in the Hood.

Franky's and Oly's P MM's Mike and Ike and Hot tamales

should be good look like someone went on a Mike N Ike run there a night or two. when I looked in a week and a half ago.

Let me know what you think I plan on pulling the garage

I just got some single heads on the way and might put singles or doubles in place of the Vendstar triples and see what happens. Also will have 3 4 space racks coming also. All Eagle machines most set to vend candy but might convert a couple to gumballs or BB for a little change at the Check cashing Store.

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Well I did the last 4 machines today all locations less then a month 3-3 1/2 weeks

TNT hair saloon 16.50 Asked for Mike and Ike instead of Hot Tamales

GTR sales 15.00

Church st Cafe 6.00

Sports Bar 16.00

6-30-12 53.75

6-29-12 37.25

Total Month Gross 91.00 Divide by 7 machines 13 bucks each.

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Well ran the rest if the route

Well did some pulls got the rest of the route done. Next month It will almost double 7 stops this month it will be 12 stops next month.

Overall totals

TNT hair saloon 16.50 Might swap hot Tamales with Mike and Ike

GTR sales

Rental Ins office 15.00 Pretty even across the board.

Cafe 6.00 stays like this might get a single gumball

sports bar 16.25 wish it wasn't buried in a corner by the TVs but hard to get to if busy

Sm garage 5.75 maybe a single MM or MMP if sales don't get better.

Mexican 15.00 MM & MMP great Might Replace Hot Tamales with Mike and Ike this week

and see what happens

Check Cashing 16.50 Was told skittles wasn't vending correctly Adjusted the wheel locations and

have it working fine now.

Total 91.00 91/7=13 each.

I have pumped some after reading that this is usually a slow time for candy. And knowing I have 5 more check chasing places to pull next month all with a Higher volume then the one I did this week.

So good or bad let me know Trying to do this with as few mistakes as possible

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