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We were invited to be in a trade show!

JCS Vending

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We're very excited, we were just invited to be in an upcoming trade show in August. We are new in this business but have already been brainstorming on what we'll need.


10x10 shelter


Business cards

Binder with photo sheets of machines and candy offered

What to sell? We mainly focus on small bulk venidng candy and toys but this is going to be a wine and farmer's market show. We're thinking little bags of chips/snacks for 50 cents and soda/bottled water. We are really excited about the exposure this will give our company locally.

I have a countertop 3 head machine that's only about 18" high (looks like a 1-800 vending) that we're going to put on the table filled with candy for visual effect and I picked up a mini spiral about 2' high for $5 at a garage sale yesterday (more of a kids toy/bank) that will also be up for visual effect filled with brightly colored gumballs.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you have to make our stand successful, any ideas?

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I don't mean to state the obvious, but since you didn't list it...take LOTS of quarters if you don't have a bill changer.

You don't want folks walking away from your machines just because they don't have quarters.

I'd also strongly consider stocking machines with toys alongside your candy choices.

I don't know that a farmers market would be worth the expense to start buying new equipment specifically for the show.

But, if you have them, racks would be best IMO.

Still, if your farmers markets are like the ones around here, there is plenty to eat at those places....but very few (if any) places to get the kids something to play with...that's why I recommend toys.

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Depending on your business configuration, I'd say this would be a great place to roll out whatever equipment you don't have working right now- any toy machines will do great as Sherlock said. Bouncy balls, at the very least, would do very well. Go catch some quarters! Good luck!

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