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smart "pile up" dead pixels


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I have a smart pile up with 2 dead pixels, looking at the back of the board, theres a resistor and a toshiba ic behind the dead pixels . i am wondering if it is common for either to go bad?it would be fairly easy to replace these but id rather not muck around with it unless i can be sure. anyone know a best practice for nailing this down?

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Ok, now you have a choice,

There just burnt out led's in the cube

the resistor and IC i have never seen fail.

2 wire desolder and solder.. the led light

ive replaced six whole boards with new led's

the problem with replacing them with brand new squares is those 2 will be incredibly brighter than the rest

unless your field is all bright like this one.. i would recomend calling LAI and ordering 2 cubes new.

or if some are dim like this one in the video i have a couple 100 i can get you that are used and dimmer

os the dimmer ones will match the rest of the field

usually when i pick one of these up i have to replace the whole field 105 lights..

takes about a hour and a half to desolder and resolder.

they are polarity sensitive there is a marking on the side of the cube with the mfg.. name make sure it

faces the same direction as the others in the playfield

now. to dissasemble

take out the 2 white, florecent tubes and holders 4 bolts..

the playfield is divided into three sections.. lower middle and top each one has 35 lights

they have seperate power, and inputs..

hopefully for you they are all in the same section panel. but murphys law says nope..

unhook the 3 sets of board wires,

unbolt and remove replace lights and put back in

if you screw up.. dont worry it just wont light reverse the leads and back in business

if the light is out in the middle of the playboard you may have to desolder... then reheat and use something to push the leads thru the board to get it out

if you need some dimmer ones let me know i can mail them to you

new ones from lai I think are $3.50 each

but dont mix super bright with dimmer you wont like it..


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the unit is beat up with nothing to compare it to its hard to tell my guess is its probably dim

im not sure how an LED goes "dim" exactly it should either be on or off, i assume

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well what i mean by dim.. is there is 2-4 leds inside every cube

1 or more burn out

so it will still work and light with just even 1-2 led left but be very dim

i have seen at least 4 i think

i will go smash one tomorrow with a hammer and let you know


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yep catch it when the whole field lights up

if you watch the second stacker video, with DAVE.. i dont know who dave is but anyway..

if you look at the left 2 lights compared to the 3rd light to the right on his stacks

the first 4 block stack on the right are bright the other 2 lights in his stacks are dim..

you see dim dim bright..

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