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What are these machines?

JCS Vending

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Hi Everyone,

Came across these for sale on my local Craigslist. The seller knows nothing about them, they were in the house when he bought it. He's offered me 2 of the Super Snack (no keys), 1 of the Candy & Snacks (new in box w/keys) and 5 of the little single head (no keys no stands all plastic) for $150 for all.

My question is how and where do I get machines keyed? I see machines for sale all the time w/out locks or keys but stay away because I don't know how to get a machine re-keyed, where to I go and how much does it cost?

Anyone know what these machines are and if $150 is a good deal for 5 single heads, 2 Super Snack (no keys) and 1 new Candy&Snacks w/keys?

Where in the world would I put that single hea brown plastic single head?

Your input greatly appreciated!




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First, the singles there are VersaVend canisters. I think they connect somehow, but I've never owned any. They are comparable to Vendstars, but share a lot of construction with with the Ultravend Vend3 machines- not exactly a good thing. The other machines are MECHANICAL SNACK MACHINES. Do a search of the full line section for yourself over there, but the general sentiment about them is HERE.

Unless you have stands available for the VersaVend heads, they aren't worth much at all. If I were you, I would pass this deal entirely, and save yourself some time and money.

Good luck JCS!

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