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Lots of machines available in Pcola FL


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Saw an ad on CL, contacted the guy got this email:

I have hundreds of bubble gum, vendstars 3000's, and U-Turn bulk machines.  I have some larger (older) dixie narco and vendo soda machines with parts but not in working order.  Basically shells that need some TLC they are worth about 100 in scrap metal unless someone wants to but the electronics, I have some of the electronics for some but they need to be pieced together, All compressors are working fine.  I have 100+ Antares combo machines and a few other odds and ends snack machines and some other soda machines.  All in all I have over 500 machines.  Tell me what you want?

If you're interested steveo10683@yahoo.com, he's been selling for scrap metal prices so probably some bargains to be had.

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