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Love playing with Fools


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I can understand someone wanting to make a buck but come on 200 bucks for a machine he says the head is worth 69 x 2 plus stand even mentioned the gumball machine factory. com in his sales chat on Craigslist. http://omaha.craigslist.org/bfs/3135722391.html

I just sent him the following link and response


Hey I would be interested in the double head you have for 50.00 bucks

New they sell for 125.00 If you doubt me here is the link http://www.gumballmachinefactory.com/product/1003.html

I just bought a NW which is a lot better machine for 70 earlier this week. It was a double like yours. A couple of HD stickers doesn't make worth 75 bucks more then new.

Now I never mind a fair price but always hate to see someone get ripped off. I found it with guitars on several occasions 1 st time with a vending machine though.

I don't want the machines but hey A fair price is a Fair price. and don't like to see people suckered out of there hard earned money IF I can help it. Hopefully he will wake up a little bit doubt it but one can hope.

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Peruse eBay sometime- type in "Victor Vending machine", "Northwestern Vending Machine", or any major brand really. Slapping some Harley Davidson stickers, some Pepsi graphics, some Coke decals, whatever, and you can charge 3X more for the machine. People pay that much for these machines because they want it for the "Harley Davidson", not the machine. Some guy with a HD obsession doesn't care what machine it is- he just wants something cool to put in his man-cave/garage/etc. I heard from a relative of mine who deals in antiques that 50's era anything is really in style. Old vending machines command top dollars if they have old names on them. He says some people have "50's" rooms full of their nostalgic stuff. Hey, if they're retiring and have a bunch of money, why not try and buy back your youth? That's the logic, anyway. A lot of guys are refurbishing old machines with this crowd in mind.

It doesn't justify the price to a vendor, but he's not selling with us in mind.

Oh, and don't be a bully Big Red! ;D

Here's a good example. We've all seen THESE.

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So true but on that instance I give the guy credit for the work he as done to make it cool and appeal to that crowd. He isn't quoting a website trying to pass it off as a great deal for some poor fool. I know the work to paint something and do the things to make it look good. It takes time and effort and that I can at least look at with some honor. More of an art in that then slapping a couple of H-D stickers on something passing off as a great deal when it isn't. I know I wouldn't buy something like that for the route I might do a couple myself and see if it can help me get into some locations with a retro 50's-60's theme. That will be a little later down the road though.

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