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mexican candy


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So I went to the sams at Juarez Mexico today as Mexican chips and candy is almost my top seller. What's awesome is a dollar is 13.5 pesos. So you save a ton! Not only are the prices cheaper but they had a ghuge selection! The 56oz pmm bulk came out to about 6.10 us! I also bought a ton of candy and Mexican chips which sells like crazy! I bought

Lucas pelon at 12c a piece. Ima vend them at .45

squinkles salsaghetti at .18 each sell them for .75

Japanese peanuts at .14 sell for .55

Takis chips at .22 c each I was Getting them at Wal-Mart for .42 and sell for 1$

Mexican chips..27 each sell at $1

Rokaletas at .18 sell for .65

Nucila w spoons at .7 sell for ..50 a piece

Pulpadips at .5 sell at .40

Pelon bolas .23 sell for $1

Dedos .12 sell for .55

I bought a ton too about 600 chips etc. I thought they'd ask me something at the border but no. Awesome hu

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There used to be a ton of toy capping done there. Containers would ship to Texas and they would drive it over the border cap then drive the finshed product back to Texas.

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