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Total Newbie Here!


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A little bit about my self my names Wally J and im from Texas im 31 i work as a Loan Broker and i currently go to school part-time for a degree in physical therapy, i've always wanted to get into vending but i constanly moved alot now that im in a place where i feel im going to be here for awhile im wanting to get into vending..i was thinking maybe candy/gumball machines (but i wouldnt mind doing soda/snacks and toys) and my goal for the year is to have a total of 20-30 (2 or 3 head) candy/gumball machines placed.

i found this site like 2 weeks ago and I've been reading all the questions and helpful answer you guys post on here but still some question i kinda need answered. i dont know anyone where i live that does vending but i do see toy cranes, gumball/candy machines, stacker machines etc around here so im pretty sure theres vendors here but dont know who they are to possibly get some tips or my question answered plus i'd highly doubt they would help a potential vendor or as they might see it a "potential threat" and thats why im on here cause you guys seem very helpful, the first thing i did is go to my bank to open a buisness account for my vending buisness i want my buisness to be legal and i want it to grow correctly, i know its going to be alot of hard work and im ready for that skys the limit for me. and thats why im posting this just to get some questions answered and i would greatly appreciate your replys. okay first off, would i need any types of permits to place 2 or 3 head candy machines, if so where would i get these permits in the city im placing them in or where i live? theres a good 8-10 cities in a 40-50 mile radius.

ive read alot of post where you guys place these 2 or 3 head machines in businesses for FREE how would i go about doing that i know you also can get a charity?. wondering what are great canding machines to start off with?. what brands of machines are worth the money.. whats a good number of machines i should start with? should i buy new or used? how much is too much to spend on buying machines? and my last question is it better to buy the machines first then try to place each one or should i talk to the business first then buy the machine, i ask this question because ive notice its cheaper to buy machines in bulk than one at a time..

Please help with all your knowledge and feedback you can possibly give THANK YOU!!!

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