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Tuning TRC-6512


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I have tuned this mech before a couple of times but it's been a while. Can anybody remind me of the steps to tuning it. I remember shorting the pins but from there I am not sure of the order of inserting coins and pushing the coin return.

Thanks in advance.

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From my notes....

    • 1

      Turn off the machine.
    • 2

      Lower acceptor/gate assembly, but don't unplug it.

    • 3 If your changer has option switches (like the Mars TRC-6800 series) then set the option switches like this: 1-ON 2-OFF 3-ON 4-ON. If your changer doesn't have option switches (like the Mars TRC-6000), then skip this step.
    • 4

      Find the 'tuning pins'. On the TRC-60X0, TRC -6510 and the TRC-6800, the tuning pins are located behind the acceptor/gate assembly, below and to the right. They are the only two pins sticking out from the black plastic. On the TRC-6800, they are the two pins on the back and bottom of the acceptor/gate assembly.
    • 5

      Short the two pins by taking a screwdriver and touching both pins at the same time.
    • 6

      With the screwdriver still touching the two pins, turn the machine on. Don't worry, you won't be shocked.
    • 7

      Remove the screwdriver from the pins, and place the acceptor/gate assembly back into place.
    • 8

      The changer is now in tuning mode. Insert a nickel, then a dime, then a quarter (then a token, if you want it to take tokens). Again, insert a nickel, dime, quarter (and then token if you want it to take a token). It should reject all of these coins.
    • 9

      Depress the coin reject lever fully two times.
    • 10

      Tuning of the coin changer is complete. If it doesn't take, try tuning it again.

      Hope this helps.

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No! Don't ever push the coin lever, unless you don't want to have the changer tuned for dollar coins. In that case, you will push the coin return lever twice after you put in the quarters, instead of putting in two dollar coins.

Also, Poplady: Step 8 is not completely right.

You need to insert in this order, 2 nickels, 2 dimes, and then 2 quarters. Insert 2 dollar coins after that, or press the coin return twice. Power down the machine and power back up after that.

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OK, thanks guys...I'll try it this way. I distinctly remember last time though pushing the coin return between each denomination. Maybe that's why it keeps losing its tuning??? We'll see what happens this way.

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Technically, you "can" press it after ONE of each coin. That second window is for Canadian currency, and you can block it out by pressing the coin return lever. I just save time and run a US coin through instead. That way, the whole mech is tuned for US coins.

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