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Stairway to Heaven


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Here is a recent story told to me by a buddy of mine that lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin for a while.

Swen Ole and Lars were killed in a tragic car wreck.

As they are climbing the stairway to Heaven the devil appears and says " There are 3000 steps to get to Heaven I will tell you three jokes one every thousand steps. If anyone laughs then I will cast you straight to HELL.

So as they walk up the steps they come to the 1000nd Step. The devil tells his joke and Lars just busts out laughing and the Devil casts him straight to hell.

They then reach the 2000nd step and he tells another joke. Swen holds it in but just can't contain himself and starts to laugh. The Devil then casts him into hell.

Finally the reach the last step the devil is thinking I got to pull out my best stuff. Tells his best joke and Old Ole Just looks at him with a blank look. The Devil said your a good man Ole your free to go. As he is standing in front of the Pearly Gates of Heaven he starts to laugh. He just cuts loose and laughs wildly. Saint Peter asks Ole what are you laughing at? Ha Ha Ha O don't you know I just got the 1st Joke.

(Sometimes not getting the joke till later can be a good thing)

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