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the best cog product thread.


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Hi guys post a couple of your best or most profitable vended snack. For me its..

Ring pops. Cost .6 sell for .45

Rice crispies .19 sell for 1.00

Cinnamon roll .35 sell for 1.25

Chips .36 sell for 1.00

Fruit roll up .12 sell for 60

Powerade .50 sell for 1.25

With some items my cog is 20% and some 55% average about 30% I believe this to be a good target as I have seen some machines that have such low prices like at 75% cog. Like snickers and reeses at .75 when they cost like .55. Chocolate sucks its my worst cog cuz unless I price at 1.25 which no one would buy then I make less than half

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cogs on chips is not really very good IMO , ;lance crackers is better. I sell candy for 1.25 at a hotel

and the machine sells out completely every 2-3wks its all about the location. i dont much care about

the COG on a particular item (to a degree) more about if it sells or not. like i tried wise chips because the COG

is better but nobody will buy them, even if they are rthe only chips in the machine. so whats the point

jerky is a very good one for me. the cog is not great but its a $3 vend and people

do buy it plus it lasts like a year. so if you are buying it for $1.25 and selling it for $3

the percentage isnt great but you are making a nice chunk of change

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