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1) do you get insurance for every machine you place no matter what kind of machine it its?

2) what happens if they steal one of my machines?

3) if i were to buy a used machine from a person do i need a receipt to report on my taxes or my to my business account? if so how would i go about that?

4) if i were to do a soda or snack machine what percent out of the products sold would i pay the owner of the space?

5) is it a good ideal to do toy games like CRANE MACHINES OR STACKERS or redemption machines.. all i read on here is mainly candy and bouncy ball vending...

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Insurance is a must in this day and age. Any larger location, like a mall or chain store will require it. My insurance is $2 million general aggregate, and it covers all the machines I tell them to cover. As long as they're bulk machines, I won't have any problems, but I've been told you need different insurance for soda/snack. Ask an independent agent, they will get the best quote.

If your machine is stolen, you fill out a police report, check possible locations, scan Craigslist/eBay every few days and cross your fingers. Unless you got a policy that expressly covers theft, I can't think of any way you can get it back. Make them hard to steal if they're in spots where theft is likely, and don't use your best machines in these places. I wouldn't put a single gumball machine in an unattended laundromat- it will disappear. It comes down to location and luck in those cases. Some go for years without incident, others seem to have more trouble with it. It is a fact of business, and infrequent enough it shouldn't be your primary concern.

When I buy used, it's normally a spoken agreement. I have files that I document how much my equipment costs, including dates, any contact information, make/model, etc. Report it like anything else.

Percentages, commissions, or fees of any type are worked out on a location-only basis, and it's impossible to nail down an exact percentage because every situation relies on dozens of unique factors. Exact numbers for Soda/Snack can be found in their respective forum, but a good rule of thumb for me has been to keep commissions under 30%.

Which vending you choose (1 thing, or a little of everything) is a choice only you can make. I'm perfectly happy operating my bulk lineup, while others prefer their own respective businesses or business combinations. No one can make that call but you. However, I will advise you to ease into this business. Many, MANY newcomers arrive with big plans, and then stall out after they discover this business is NOT for them. There's nothing wrong with that, but it is better to find out you don't like vending after spending less than $100 on some bulk units or honor boxes than several grand on Soda/Snack/Redemption games.

I will refer you to Vendelicious' "Beginner Mega Thread" (HERE) for more answers to your questions, and lead you to ask more good questions about your business. I hope that has shed some light on the matter.

Good luck Jmarz!

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