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Compatible Mechs


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I've been doing some research for the future, and I'm trying to figure out how many of these components can be interchanged-

Oak Vista/Eagle EM-11/A&A PO89

I assume all the mechs are interchangeable, maybe some hoppers and globes? Presently I don't own any, but I'd like to know more before I proceed. Are there any parts that cannot be interchanged?

Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Hey Hillbilly,

do you run across any Smith Regal locations? They used to have West Virginia pretty sewn up. They had thousands of variable rate trade stimulator machines"lucky ball machines" and they were the first to roll out on a big scale the free nascar die cast car in trade for a speckled ball concept. They only had blue oak vistas, and the "free car' was in a plexi case on top, attached to the lid.

I went with one of their drivers all around Bluefield and Princeton one time in the mid 1970's. Loads of poker playing machines. We serviced almost 150 heads in 8 hours, and we had over $2,000 ...in pennies!!!! One bar had 28 machines, all empty, and one had ...45!!!. They swapped the machines when they were empty.

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