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Anyone live by san jose interested in a U turn spot?

JLM Vending

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I can give a good deal. I moved up towards SF and so that one spot in south bay is now the only one i have there within 20 miles of any other spot. If anyone is interested in the spot, let me know. Im building with gumball and PMM singles, they are doing good, just as good as U turns, and Im only building within a 35 mile range for these next 25, since lots of businesses accept them. Before, i would try to spread my machines out just for the purpose of getting to drive. I was trying to make vending a way to pass by as many cities as possible, since I used to be a driver. Boy was that a mistake. An unnecessary and pointless one. I learned to build in, then out only when you must. Don't just try to spread them out on purpose to drive more. I finally realized that the bottom line is money, not a variety of scenery.

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