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Rack in pennsylvania (Northwesterns, current bidding around 150)


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need to have automatic search on ebay for keywords "don't have keys" in that order..probably would always find good deals from the thieves and others...

to their defense also i have been to stores before locating in some back woods town and owner would take me to back room and there covered in 10 years worth of dust would be a great rack of toy machines,,still locked up full of quarters.. It could be the owner died and never had a list of where all his machines where(which reminds me i have stuff that isn't on a list also) or some guy bought them and they wherent the "pie in the sky" he had hoped for and he just never went back..

most of those auctions like that are probably stuff these "pickers" get while traveling around to auctions,,they go to a store liquidation auction and auctioneer sells the rack out front of store with everything else,,never bothers to call the sticker on from of machine.. I seen one of my cranes on ebay before in a town a few miles away,, it had been locked up in a chinese restaurant and bought by one of these "pickers",,i went to his warehouse and picked it up,,showed the police officer i called when i got there the secret label i have on inside of every one of my machines,,only accessible with a screwdriver,,and also that my keys fit machine...The "picker" had his receipt where he bought a bunch of stuff etc.. but i explained that it was same as a coca cola fountain in a store or buying a car without a title, etc...



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