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See If kickstart can kick anything.


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Well since I am new at this and it was only a buck I decided to give Kickstart a Try. I have a triple I need to relocate. On ebay they are offering a .99 cent for your 1st location. So lets see if it is any good or not.

Kind of Kandy King thing Locators R us got 4 on Monday just set up for 2 with First Choice Locators and gave Kickstart 1.

I haven't heard anything yet. I have heard Kickstarts rep but for a buck I am willing to give it a try and see if it hits pay dirt or bust. Let you guys know what happens.

Dates were Locators are Us on 7-21-12 2 singles 2 doubles.

First choice 7-22-12 for 2 triples 7-22-12

Kickstart 1 triple 7-23-12

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This is for any Newbies like myself or if you have one of those guys that have more then One Email and Pay pal Account


Kickstarts 99 cent auction for a location.

After all the post on Kickstart I don't expect to much but will post what happens

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So Kickstart got one in One day A bar 1/1 set it up 7-25-12 In the town where I work

Locators are us Just emailed a Hair saloon 1/4 7-23-12 In my home town

First Choice Nothing yet 0/2 7-24-12

Gave all of them the same zip codes.

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Kickstart 1-1 A bar no food so should be a ok spot.

locators are Us 1-4 still looking for Three more from them One is getting a single head it is a beauty shop Older ladies so I will be plain MM's

First Choice I got 2-2 today Told them my locating time was after 3:00 and Saturday I have two for tomorrow an Old Navy 60 employee's and a Banana Republic in the new Trendy area of town. both should be Home Runs. I will get them Located tomorrow.

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Well I got one set of my NW60's on a location. Small bar MM's and M&I I don't think it will be to bad of a stop. Also dropped off 3 more stops Old Navy and Banana republic and a Old lady 4 chair hair salon. Just put a single in there with MM's Did Triples in the Old Navy and Banana Republic.

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In just over a week My results

Kickstart 1-1 A Bar

Locators R Us 1 Hair salon 1 Garage 1 Dry cleaners and 1 Car dealership

First Choice I will place the last one today 1 Old Navy 1 Gap 1 Kohls and the last one is Ann Taylor's Loft

My route so far

12 stops Pulled one stop. Need to call for a relocation. All Vending Locators. 1 swap pulled a vendstar for a single GB

11 total add 9 new stops this week puts me at 20

One stop might get a triple swapped out for a GB or a Double GB and Runts not sure but will see what it dose this next month.

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Well no news from Locators are us Looks like they have Dropped off the radar again. I got several more machines to get located. Hey have placed I have approved 3 of the 4 That I have asked to be placed. Still waiting on number 4. Nothing stellar on any of them. I got my 4 first choice locations quickly

Did my LRU order mid July and did the payment on 7-25 i rejected the 4th location on the 6th. a week ago got a we noted it and haven't heard a thing since. Emailed and Called. No voice mails nothing on Caller ID No Emails. So they are going though another disaster. Or who knows. Probably not even the Shadow Knows.

I have email a few other locators and see what happens. Stopped at several locations today. Gave out a few cards and no luck so far. I have one maybe will follow up again next week and see what happens.

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If I'm mistaken I think they just had a typhoon go through there within the last week or so.

Yes. Typhoon Saola did quite a bit of damage there...


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Well I didn't know about the typhoon that explains a lot then. I did get a email this week From LRU saying they were working on the 4th location. So far I got a Old lady hair saloon, A volvo dealership It has a candy machine. Will probably change out the TWO heads to something that not in the other machine. RP and Gumballs.

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Kickstart 1 of 1 Had it in a few days a bar placed a double MM and M&I

First Choice had some in a few days 2 Old Navy and Banana Republic Ordered 2 more 2 days later Loft and Kohl's

Locators are us Took the longest. Old ladies hair salon, Dry cleaners, Auto Dealership, and A new Nail Salon In town. Not bad not great locations.

I will run the route on Saturday and Monday

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Tallies are in with my Locations I got from Kickstart, LRU, and First Choice.

The envelope please and the winner in the Revenue department with the best revenue is First Choice

The Break Down

First choice

Old Navy 23.50

Loft 21.75

Banana republic 10.75

Kohl's 43.50

Locating Fees 200 got 100 back in revenue not to bad of a deal 1-9 weeks for a payback on the locaton

LRU Old lady hair salon 10.25

volvo dealer 8.25

Vip Dry cleaners 3.25

Pink Nails Just located that one.

Locting cost 106 Made 21.75 it will take 5 Months for the payback


Library pub 8.00

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