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Hello from Central IL


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Hey there, new guy here just took over 1 vendo 480 Machine. Just learning the ins and outs of the business and so far i am loving it.

Machine was pretty much given to me, wife's family owned business has it in their shop (roughly 15 employees) This is my 3rd day and so far so good, had a few issues with product not vending properly, but i am getting the hang of it.

Got a few questions

1. right now i am buying all my product from wal-mart, local grocery stores, sam's club, ect. Trying to find the best deals. Are there any other places to look to buy product? I contacted a Pepsi distributer local to me but they never seem to call me back.

2. Right now it is set up with 16 oz bottles (mt. dew, pepsi, dr pepper) at .75 cents per bottle. The guy that gave it to me said he wasn't doing it to make a profit.. i am only making 1.01 on a 6 pack right now. I am wanting to raise the prices but unsure as to when i should do it. I thought about waiting a month or 2 so i don't ruffle any feathers. What do you guys think.

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sams is the best.distributors dont care about the little guy with a few machines.16.9 oz bottles should sell for 1.25.where are you at in central IL.?I am in B eardstown


I figured sams club was my best bet. Too bad the selection in my local store is poor. Mainly coke products and gatorade (which i found is cheaper at wal-mart)

Right now i have 16 oz bottles in the machine at $.75 & 20 oz gatorade for $1.25

Think i might switch to the 16.9oz for 1.00. I am afraid a .50 jump might scare off the workers.

Plus i found it's much cheaper to buy the 16.9 over the 16 oz bottles

6 pack of 16 oz bottles = 3.49 (on sale usually 3.79)

12 pack of 16.9 oz bottles (5.49)

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