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Please help me identify this machine....

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I recently purchased this machine and am trying to find the right model # for it. I believe it is a Dixie Narco, single price, 6 selection, dual adaptable 276 or 368. There seems to be alot of choices there so I was hoping someone knew the exact model # so I can look up a service manual. Someone removed the serial # plate before I bought it so I really have no clue what model it is exactly. I need to get some manuals so I can service it a bit before I take it home.















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whats wrong with it? most stack vendors are pretty similar. that is to say you dont really need a manual

i can see the wiring diagram on the door there looks intact. just post your question we can give you some

help here

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Thanks for the reply.

Here are my major questions:

It doesn't vend the can's properly and I'm not sure if its user error or if something is wrong. Previous owner set the price to .25 and it acts like its going to vend but it only drops a can every other time i press the flavor button. It does this on all of the stacks. It looks like the red disc doesn't rotate long enough to actually drop a can the first coin.

The bill validator doesn't seem to have any power and I can't see anything unplugged. (not a big deal but it would be nice if it worked.)

I would like to be able to change the price.

Thanks in advance!

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the cam (red disc) is most likely not set correctly. it is probably set for bottles and not cans. as you notice the switch

falls into the valley of the cam and stops the rotation. the cam settings are changed by taking the top disc and pulling it up

a little bit and rotating it so the pin from the bottom disc falls into a different hole on the top disc (they are numbered, look close)

this adjusts the cam setting. there should be a guide on the outside of the inner door that explains what cam setting

to use , if not just expirement until you find the right one (someone here may know exactly).

as for the validator it uses a big plug called a jones plug to get power


the coin mech uses one too, usually the validator has a jones plug with an outlet on it

that the coinmech's plug goes in to. (they stack). if theres only one jones plug look closer

at the validator, is there a place where a wire harness might be missing? is there an oulet

at the bottom with nothing plugged in. also look at the coin mech, there should be a wire harness

coming out of it plugged into the validator, where is that plugged in to?

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