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Mall location and warehouse location ?s

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Unfortunatly I just lost my first full line location ever. I have lost candy machine locations which I thought stinked but man loosing a drink and snack machine location which grosses $300/month really stinks. How often do you guys loose locations? Does it happen a lot? I got kicked out of a employees (mainly food court) breakroom because the mall got a new vendor who will be doing the whole mall. I purchased this location 2 years ago and the guy before me never payed rent or never leased the space in the mall for the machines. I didn't know I had to rent the space and did the same thing for 2 years and have made pretty good money from it. My name and number were by the bulletin board, I am surprised the mall managment never called me before to remove my machines. What a funny situation that worked out for me. Anyways I want to know, does anyone here have any mall locations for drinks or snacks. What kind of prices do people typically pay to have a drink machine in a mall. I think it's expensive but I have seen glassfront machines in descent malls all the time so I'm sure they do really good. I would like some helpfull information if any one has any. Are they worth it?

Even though I lost the mall location, I have some money saved up to buy a storage and shipping warehouse location. The location the seller says has 30 blue collar employees and 30 white collar so a total of 60 employees. The guy wants $2800 but I can probably talk him down to $2400. It has a CD-8 can only drink machine and a USI 3 wide snack machine. The guy said it does $600/month. In my opinion after looking at the location, I think the location is fairly good, but I would think jesus having a 19 select snack in there would empty out fast after like 5 days haha. Should I purchase this location or is $2400 too much to pay for the location since the equipment doesnt have much value. The equipment is probably worth maybe $1000 and in a way I feel like this might be a risky move but also one that can pay off, even if it does $500/month from both machines I think thats really good. I just know upgrading the equipment is gonna cost money too. Any advice would be great.

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The local mall here has a photo kiosk that has sat broken for a few months now. I asked the administrator and he said he doesn't know who owns it, and hasn't done anything about it. Malls are weird.

The mall here in town has the full-line (snacks/soda) locked down by the "big" local full-line guy. He has one DN501E Pepsi and one DN3000 Coke glass-front, both through 3rd party arrangement. From my understanding he's had the contract for the facility since the mid 1990's, and has somehow held on through all of their management and ownership changes. If his contract is anything like the one I got, he's giving at least 30% gross back to management, but I don't know for sure- he won't talk to me. On the other hand, since the facility has gone through 3 sets of owners now, he might be taking the place for a free ride- I'm sure the admins aren't concerned about it.

Sorry to hear you lost the account- I'm afraid I lack the proper experience to guide you with your new acquisition. Good luck in whatever you do!

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the #s on the warehouse sound feasible , i would put a 4wide in there if you find a good deal on it

maybe a bigger drink machine too cut ur service days down to every 2wks once you get a feel for it

2400 is a great price. if those numbers are dead on u might end up servicing it more than you really

need to with that size equipment.

personally i like to give myself a little extra room in the machine in case i need to go

out of town for a few days i dont have to worry about service issues. also u want

to service the location as infrequently as possible (see cost to service thread at the top

of the forum)

good luck. also before buying u might want to check the vend counters in the machine

then check them again before you make the final purchase make sure the #s match

what hes saying both of those machines SHOULD have nonresettable vend counters

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Thanks guys for the help and I totally agree.

As far as malls, their very weird. The lower managers and 1 some what higher manager knew about my drink and snack machines being there. They obviously never said anything either to the mall managment. When I went to talk to the general manager and even the owners brother, he said I never payed rent and I need to get of there. Also he even said I'm lucky he's not getting attorneys on me. The last part about the attorneys made me mad. These people pretty much knew I was there and the General Manager could have easily asked the lower mangers my name and phone number. But they didn't because either 1. their lazy and 2. their ok with me being there. So who is to say that only I am responsible.

I think the guy at your mall is able to get away even more with his machines being there because of the coke and pepsi 3rd party system. I am sure if a vendor was serious about taking the mall, he could by investigating the situation and talking to managment. Like you said getting mall locations is easy, as long as the money is there to propose to the mall managment.

Unfortuantly the warehouse location is sold and I regret not giving a little higher offer. Dogcow, he is selling me a teachers lounge location for $1200 with a brown 40 select snack machine (dont know the model) which he said does 240-280/month. Is this possible? I have read on this forum that usually teacher lounges only make around $200/month. But he is saying hes doing this easily from the snack alone. Any thoughts guys? I am going to check it out on Monday.

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