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Leak in Dixie Narco 368


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I just serviced my DN368. My customer showed me where it had created a giant puddle on the floor. It looked like the tray that collects the drips was not water tight. I put an aluminum tray with a similar capacity on top and moved the sponges that disipate the water to the new tray. I also noticed that the Thermostat was set at 9 and I moved it down to a 3. Any thoughts on whether this will fix it?

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.


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uh yeah changing the t-stat should go a long way to helping ur problem also make sure the drain line is looped

if it has enough slack, gives more surface area to evap (thanks technivend for this trick!)

also check for the delivery door being stuck open, also check for air leaks around the door make sure its sealed up good

some machines just make water not much u can do about it, if the problem continues and u cant find an air leak or anything

u may need to wire in a heated drip pan but id leave that as a last resort. also make sure the drip pan is

positioned near the fan, so its evaporating correctly.

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well not exactly. i am not an hvac expert so hopefully someone can correct me if i get this wrong. the water comes from the

cooling system pulling moisture out of the air as it cools down the machine. the longer the system is running the more air goes

over the coils and the more moisture is removed, thus more water. so by having it on 9 the system is running A LOT and pulling out a lot of moisture from the air especially if its in a humid environment like a un airconditioned shop or outside

it still prob shouldnt be overflowing but who knows , at the very least ur taxing the compressor way more than it needs

to 2 or 3 is a fine temperature for most places unless u really get complaints, all my drink units get ice cold at 3

and i am in florida.

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The numbers on the knob are meaningless get a thermometer adjust the knob until you get the soda under 42 and over 38.

Are you sure the condensate pan is over flowing the drain tube maybe clogged?

Is the flap door missing or damaged?

Sometime I have found it necessary to replace the condensate pan with a heated pan to keep the water off the floor.


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