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Getting more machines Ready/Machines in reserve


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Well working on getting some more stuff ready to place.

I pulled on vendstar today. Small restaurant did 2.50 yesterday it was in the vestibule and all the MMP;s were mush. I put a single gumball in it and will check and see how it dose. I have been working on some of the eagle cabinets I squired getting them ready for the route.

I know my reserve pales comparison to some of you guys but Hey this is only my 2nd month

I have on standby now

1 vendstar empty out and clean up Melted MMP Uck

1 NW double candy candy (did order 2 GB wheel assemblies

1 eagle double GB/Candy

1 14" NW gumball machine

1 eagle 4 way 3 candy 1 GB

1 eagle 4 way loaded with toys

1 pipe stand to make a single or double

2 4 way stands Will paint this week and assemble

7 double plates found smoking deal on ebay for them.

2 NW 60's to Take down clean up and repaint.

2 eagle candy I need to go ahead and repaint.

If locators are us comes though I will be rid of 2 doubles and 1 more single GB I hope this week.

For machine inventory I am looking pretty good. At lest this week anyway.

I just need to find a few more stands. I found a company In Lincoln NE that sells pipe stands I plan on giving a call tomorrow. 25.00 a stand 20.00 shipping but I will probably drive up and get 3-4 and order a few more GB capsule wheels from eagle also.

I also should have enough candy to seed them all for location also. I got one more check with some good OT on it need to make it count.

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