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Swen's New Job


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Swen lost his old job Mr Johnson closed his store so Swen got a job at the Factory in town. On payday they boss handed him his check. Here you go Swen good work this week. Swen looked at the envelope and said where is my money. I got paid cash at my last job. Oh that a check just give it to the bank and they will cash it and give you your money. Ok he said and left.

At the bank Swen waited and walked up when it was his turn and slide the check under the window. The clerk looked at him and said Swen You need to sign it before I can cash this for you. No No The boss man said I give you the check and you will give me money. After some arguing he left and went to the next bank. Saying I will get it Cashed just you watch

Same thing he handed the Clerk the check she read his name looked at the old swede and smiled. Then she grabbed his head and pounded it on the counter a few times Bam Bam bam handed him a pen and said Sign the check Swen. He signed the check and then went running back to the first bank. See I got the check cashed.

You did have to sign it didn't you. Yea but the last lady she explained it to me much better he responded.

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