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Price change on a Dixie Narco 386 ? Help


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ok this is not so difficult,however someone should really sticky one of these threads since this question comes up A LOT

the price is changed in the coin mech , not the machine.

first open the panel on the door to access the coin mech

second, look for some small tabs on the top of the mech near the left and right side, they will be at the top of the "box"

of the mech, sticking out towards you.

pull the tabs down as you do this the acceptor should swing down and forward towards you, if it doesnt try pulling on the

acceptor slot a little , pull it towards you (down) , so it looks like an L shape...


hopefully that pic helps

under there you will find 2 banks of dip switches, some may be labeled, some may not be labeled

you will want the larger bank of switches (the ones not labeled Lo 25c, ESC, )

these are the price control switches, each switch represents an amount of money

and added together it makes the price. the switches are often not labeled but it is the

same for every changer, the amount doubles.


sw1 = 0.05

sw2 = 0.10

sw3= 0.20





so for 0.75 its probably the following

sw1-4 are on, all the others off , because 5 + 10 + 20 + 40 = 75

you want to change it to

sw3 and sw5 on, the others off because 80 + 20 = 100

to reiterate the price is the value of all the switches in the ON position, added together.

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