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Bought This Dixie Narco for $200 and Cooler Problems (obviously)

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When I bought this machine, I thought it was a great price. The seller told me he didn't know of any problems with it "It worked great before it was unplugged, and they unplugged it because they wanted more space at the apartment complex" he said.

When I got there, I found that all of the machines inside had exploded at some point - probably because of overheating but possibly because of freezing.

It looks really good on the outside - but there's a mess to clean up on the inside.

More importantly - the cooler doesn't work (which is probably why he priced it like this, he just wasn't up front about the cooler - but hey, who knows, maybe he priced it this low AND thought it was working well).

The compressor gets hot, really hot - too hot to touch. Maybe that's normal.

Only one line is really cold (and it does get pretty cold - if the whole thing was this cold, we'd be in business!).

Can someone help troubleshoot this with me?

The part circled in red is really cold.

Also here's a picture of some type of valve coming off the compressor? Is that where it's been charged before? Is that normal?



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