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Best standalone 2" product at the Pumpkin Patch?


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In a singular 2" capsule machine all alone out there, what would you put in it?

I have a "seasonal" location in the works (permanent store by a pumpkin patch, haunted house, maze and hayrides), and I'm short on equipment and time. I've got a 2" capsule single ready to roll, of all things, aside from it's product. The space available there is small, but not cramped. They have no interest in candy as I learned last year due to the "mess" and the fact they sell/give away their own candy. I imagine the location could do exceptionally well. They have activities for kids, church groups, night events, and a "pumpkin catapult" which draws in pretty big crowds. Most of the area's pumpkins come from their place as they sell them the cheapest, and offer a lot of "free" fun things to do. I guess I'm just building a plan so when I meet with the owner again, I'll have something ready to go immediately thereafter.

If this plan has any serious flaws, or if an alternate approach would work better, I'd be very grateful to hear it!

If this is another one of those "Performa! Stop being stupid already! Geez!" situations, please tell me ASAP so I don't shoot any more resources at this.

I cannot adequately say how grateful I am for all of your collective assistance over these past few months. Thank you!

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