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15x vendstar 3000 candy vending machine


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Up for sale is 15x Vendstar 3000 candy vending machines.

All machines are in excellent condition! For further information email us.

Comes out to $50 per machine.

Great business opportunity for anyone wanting to get involved in a side business.

Buyer must pick up machines. Willing to deliver if its within 25miles of zip code 11385.

I know I am a new member here on Vendiscuss.net but a well respected seller on ebay with 100% Postive feedback. Username "iPromoteBusiness"

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Just an FYI for anyone just starting out (as I was/am). When anyone says they are New In Box...still check everything out. I trusted the guy that I bought my 10 Vendstars from off Craigslist and I wish I wouldn't have. They were in the box but the boxes were opened. He showed me that there were two in each box. When I asked about keys he said they were in the envelope with all the hardware. Turns out not only were there no keys - but also two of the machines were missing the wheel where it dispenses the candy (a total of 3 of them were missing). So I ended up with 9 usable machines instead of 10. And I had to pay to get new locks/keys (was cheaper than getting the existing locks keyed since I was able to get a great deal off a member here). All said and done...my $50 machines ended up being closer to $75 each and by then I didn't feel like I got a good deal. :(

I thought I was getting a good deal at $50 - so ipromotebusiness, if your machines are new and all the parts are there...then I'd think the $50 is a reasonable asking price.

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