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honor fridge ?


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i know it sounds silly ,but , a increasing number of my locations ask if i do soda machines . problem is , some of them hardly support a triple out front ,let alone a soda machine in their break room . also , my wife works for a clinic , they have 8 different sites , 12-15 people ,and they all complain about their soda ( not sure if its the same guy servicing each spot ) machines being out of order ,taking their money ,only 6 selections ,so on . what i envision is a glass front mini fridge with a 100-120 12oz can capacity ,on some type of stand . maybe the stand would have a shelf or two ,and i could put a small honor box with stuff the current vendor doesnt offer , and maybe a fruit basket . i was thinking a set up like this may fly at a few of my locations also , but ,not sure . i would target break rooms ,not areas open to public . any thoughts ,advice ,or experience is greatly appreciated !

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