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Talon crane


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ok thats probably worth it depending on what condition its in.

when u test the unit, theres 2 leads plugged into the coin mech, the coin mech is a switch,basically.

so take the 2 leads and disconnect them and then short them together with an extra piece of wire.

if this makes the machine coin up then the switch is bad or the mech is bad, most likely its just

the mech they go bad frequently. if shorting the wires doesnt cause the machine to coin up (make sure

they are really connected good, try shorting it a few times to make sure). then the probs could be deeper

including a broke wire somewhere or a bad board, these can be hard to diagnose and it really depends

at that point how much time you want to devote to fixing it.

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if its the mech u just throw away the mech buy another one they are like 20 bucks or less, when i buy i game from betson

i ask for arcade style mechs they have a big box of them just say take how ever many u want.

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