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What Bill Validator for Dixie Narco 276 W/ Coinco Changer


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Hello, Im new and wanted to say awesome forum!

I just picked up a Dixe Narco DNCB 276 D3 SII/6 machine for dirt cheap...but it did not come with a bill validator (Was Removed). I am having trouble figuring out what validator I should use on this machine. It had a cable ran up to the empty slot, an 8 pin to 12 pin cable with part number 2x6136.

Please help point me in the right direction and what is the opinion on best validator. I was thinking Mars VN2512 as it is MDB compatible, but will this validator work with my changer. After some looking it seems as if it will not. What I would really like is for the machine to accept coupons.

The Machine is a Dixie Narco DNCB 276 D3 SII/6 (SII-D)

The changer is a CoinCO 24v 9302-LF

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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google vendors exchange, then give them a call they will know what you need and you will have it in about 2-3 days. The last one I bought ran about $125 it was refurbished but they come with a warranty. I have never had a problem with the refurbished ones. good luck!

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