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Spinoff of the "How many heads do you operate?" Poll


Route size  

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  1. 1. If applicable, why do you operate fewer than 50 heads currently?

    • Finances. I'm still growing my route, but it takes awhile.
    • Time Commitment. I'm as busy as I want to be.
    • Market Saturation. I can't find anyplace else to put my machines.
    • Other.

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Right now, according to the poll here in the bulk vending forum, 42.5% of votes run fewer than 50 bulk heads. I was just curious as to why.

I answered time commitment on the poll. I vend partime to make extra money for the family and for fun. I really enjoy it. I would grow larger though if I had easy access to more money. So, really answer one and two.

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For me Newbie just getting started. I am just at the 50 head threshold. I plan on adding at least 18 more in the next month or two. Ones I hit that mark things should be cash flowing enough for the route to pay for its own expansion. Right now it has come from Mega overtime this summer and getting good deals on used equipment. I pulled one stop changed one over to a GB single. Working on getting some more ready to be placed next week.

Hey I placed my First machine on May 26th

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I work on small, targeted setups. I try to keep my ROI short and I buy all my equipment used right now.

Plus, I started on Candy, and turning an entire route (even a small one) around is difficult at times. That, and used toy machines are a LOT harder to find than, say, Vendstar 3000's.

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