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Risk of Outdoor Locations?


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So I have a pretty good location now with a 1800 machine that does $30/month at a mexican restraunt but the problem is its actually not in the restraunt but outside of it . This mexican tacos place is pretty small. I used to have a U-Turn Terminator outside of their restraunt because the manager said theres really no room for it inside. I said ok and it worked out fine for like 4 months. I was very happy that it never got stollen or even vandailzed.

I hate U-Turns though so I replaced it with a 1800 vending machine. So far its been 1 month and its still there luckily. The problem is though that this machine is lighter and smaller then the U-Turn. I feel like I am running a bigger risk of having it stolen. I mean literally this thing probably weighs only 20 pounds. Anyone can practically just walk of with this thing haha. I talked to the lady about this and she said that she has her restraunt chairs outside and they never got stolen. I dont know though if they lock them up.

So just wondering if I should leave the machine out there and just hopefully pray that no one takes it or should I try to convince her to let me keep it in the retraunt. She did at least say that they bring in the machine every night before they close. How nice of them but I still feel like this is risky business. The machine with candy and the location to me is worth a good $150 since the 1800 is brand new and the location is good.

Do any of you guys have outdoor locations and any worrys about them getting stolen from ya?

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I've had some great outdoor spots, but they were seasonal, and the machines were brought inside and locked up after hours. While I don't see anything "wrong" with your setup, I wouldn't get too attached to that 1800, as it might walk away some day.

However, if you have the spot, and it makes money, triples can be found pretty inexpensively, so I wouldn't fret it too much. If someone is going to steal your equipment, be it a single gumball or a 9-way rack, and they really want it, they'll find a way to get it. That's what insurance and Vendstars are for.

I think this is a matter of risk versus reward and your personal preferences, and I doubt there is a "right" or "wrong" way to go about this.

Good luck!

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