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Kramer Krane


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I know nothing about this unit. Can anyone tell me about them. Ad says its new but does that sound reasonable for this make. It does not look to be a modern style.


I know nothing about this crane but will the seller ship? It says shipping None.

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i think kramers are a copy of grayhound or big choice i would need to see the trolly to make sure

the controls look big choice

but the trolly is not sitting right in those pictures its looks twisted

kind of odd that its brand new with wrap for its age...

but at $400.00 you really cant lose


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I wouldn't mess with it...Ive seen those go at auction from free,,some one even paid a guy 100 dollars take 6 of them home one time as they received no bids..



lol sounds like the auction i was just at. got rid of 2 cranes i owed THEM $50.00

should have kept the damn things i could have used the parts

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