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New starting in MN


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Welcome! Another Minnesotan :) I'm up in the North West near Canadian border by Boundary Waters Wilderness Area National Park. Ice Box of the nation with a recorded temp of -60 without the wind.

I'm really in the sticks. Walk North out my back door and you won't hit a road for 80 miles and that's a logging seasonal road. Best to keep track of the kiddies up around here.

I am into Saeco SG200 coffee machines. I am locating around the Hibbing-Virginia Iron Range area. Nobody is doing coffee probably because they are a little more labor intensive than say stocking a pop or snack machine. A lot more to clean and go wrong. You are actually manufacturing a product vs. dispensing a product. Have to keep the assembly line working smoothly.

I should see if there are some grants for manufacturing. Just like our previous administration tried to pump up manufacturing numbers so they tried to have companies like McDonalds reclassify there workers from service industry into manufacturing workers. After all they take a base product and manufacture a Big Mac ;) Lucky that didn't fly or we would all have minimum wage manufacturing jobs everywhere.


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