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well as far as the trade show went it was pretty slow there..i have seen it in the past take a hour to get down one aisle but the last few times its been pretty easy as there wasn't a lot of people there..

got some nice deals though to pay for my trip..Got a plush deal me and some of my fellow vendors nailed down for 1.39 jumbo plush delivered...got to put my hands on the pieces and pick the ones i wanted and reject the ones I did not want so that deal paid for the show for me,,

as normal price 2.20 average, this price at 1.39 .... show order of 2000 pcs(1 pallet),,so $1620 in savings on what I'm gonna use anyway just by going to show..Only cost me total of about 1000 for show(440 plane tickets,120 hotel total because of comp,and i brought 1000 cash for food and fun and i had 550 when i left thanks to a good run on the dice the last day)

Also got closeout from closeout company that had about a million 2"caps ,,all tomy gatcha merchandise with the displays in bags and in tomy 2"caps....had to buy a pallet of 12,000 pcs,but price was 600 bucks!!!!! so 5 cent a 2"cap...this is really good stuff too ,,I'm just gonna mix it in my junk mix but i will run a lot of it at 50 cent straight also..

Also got to pick out my halloween plush and Christmas.. And Also make my superball order with Rhode Island and get Free freight at show,,so 2.7 cents for 27mm at my door..

Normally i buy closeout items to spice up my cranes like rc cars and helicopters but i still have a bunch left from other shows so i passed on most of them,,

HOT ITEM--- the "para chord" bracelets and necklaces etc... the companies where saying this was next wave of viral small toy jewelry...this coming from supplier that turned me on to the lance armstrong bracelets a few years ago, the silly bands a few years ago, and the hair feathers last year... He knows the trends and usually puts me on them really early in the game...I bet i raked in 10K or more off of silly bands before anybody around me knew what they where thanks to him..

anyway the "para chord" jewelry is woven with parachute chords and if you cut the end it will unravel and is strong enough to climb down a freaking mountain,,Just think if Rapunzel would have had this!! she wouldn't have had to wait years to let her hair grow out!! lol

like always when i got home and showed my teenagers the samples(their souvenirs as I'm a cheapskate) they acted like i had been under a rock but where really excited about them as all of their friends where wearing them..they even had a couple they had bought somewhere or another.

cheapest i got them for was 70 cents each so I'm gonna mix them 1 to 30 in 2 inch and only have 7 cents each in mix and make my own display...should be good run i hope.

lots of stuff too much to list...great times with the guys partying in Vegas as the wives stayed home!! talked about vending to the wee hours n the morning...also got my 5 year old a great big a** helicopter for his birthday this sunday!! it was sample in the booth and i b.s.--ed the guy for about a hour about how i owned 3 toy stores in malls and wanted to make a display of his product,,so he gave me great price of 30 bucks for a sample one that retails for almost 200!!! I would like to think my b.s.ing got me paid on that one!!!!!!!



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