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Dixie Narco dncb368b7/216-8 troubleshooting help needed


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Everything was previously working on the machine. I was refilling it and now can not get it to vend. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Essentially it accepts the money and appears to be waiting for a selection however when you press the selection nothing happens?

The bill acceptor and coin acceptor give correct change. When the selection button presses appear to be ok by voltage readings when the button is pressed, but the actuators do not move and the augers do not turn. No more money can be input and the system appears to be awaiting selection.

If you push down the three contacts in front of each auger, the auger motors will run and dispense properly. Once you manually dispense a drink the bill and coin acceptors work and the buttons still do not work.

It appears there is an actuator in front of each auger, so I was guessing that the actuators are what turns the motor on because the motors are 120v ac. I wasn't able to figure out the pinouts for the motors or actuators but power does go to the actuators when the buttons in front are pushed. I am thinking now that one of the actuators are frozen and this prevents you from being able to make a selection or something?


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Problem solved. I validated that the vend relay was working - could hear it click. So after some more head scratching and looking I found that one of the connectors to the auger motors was off. Put it back on, checked all the other connections. Works perfectly now. Lesson learned - check all the connections. These older machines are wired, so that if one connection is broken nothing works.

Happy Vending

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