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Formal Apology


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To begin, the VENDiscuss forums are a wonderful place, and the people here are great. It is my hope that this website continues to help vendors of all types succeed for decades to come. Which is why I wish to convey my deepest regrets and apologies for damaging this wonderful place.

My post regarding my trip to Appleton Wisconsin was intended as an encouragement to other vendors to visit their regional suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, as I thought it was a good experience. However, the way I went about this was entirely wrong, and has caused a great number of people harm through this. How many I have harmed I do not know, however I understand the number is large.

I cannot adequately convey my regret and shame over what has transpired, and I am working with the TVF moderators and administrators to mend the damage done.

At the urging of some hurt parties, I feel it is in the interests of the TVF, it's members, and myself that I refrain from engaging in TVF discussions until the situation can be better repaired.

Again, to those who have been hurt by this, it was not, nor will it ever be my intention to do so. Again, I offer my apologies to you.

Take care everyone,

Alex Macomber, Performa Vending Inc.

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BS. There's a HUGE difference between what you posted and some schmuck creating an account real quick and his first post is "Hey everybody! Come check out blahblahvending.com - we have the best prices!

You're an active member of this forum and Vendiscuss is MUCH better off as a communitywith you in it. So selfishly, I hope you resonsider.

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You were relating your experience on visiting a supplier. That is something every vendor should do sometime. Rather at a trade show or in person when on Vacation or take the time to visit one that is close by. I live not to far from speedway motors. I have been there numerous times and when asked I always let people know about what great service they give.

In MHO you was showing excitement for what you seen and found. I look forward to seeing your article on Flatline in the Vending Times. As with anything some people just get bent out of shape I hope your exile will not be a long one. I have enjoyed your comments and have come to gleam from yours and others insights. As a newbie I am great full for everything that is shared. I personally didn't look at this like an advertisement for Flatline.

In my opinion then under that pretense Ron Talked to and with suppliers at a trade show and shared that info with us. Is that then also putting advertising on the Board. I didn't look at either one of them like that. I looked at it as info that is nice to know and something good to do if you are able to as you grow as a vendor.

Know that there are us here that enjoy your company and insight Performa I will honor your dissension to stay a way for a little while but don't be afraid to send me a PM from time to time till you come back on in your normal manor

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