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What is it worth


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Well found this on Criagslist it is about an hour from me. He is asking 120 which I think is a little high

Looks like an old Folz Big Oak for sale .50 cent mech. Dose anyone now what a new one runs this is the Taller version.


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Well the Big Red Fleet has a new member I got the 2" machine

for 75.00 I sent the guy this in a email and he said ok I will take 75 I pick it up tomorrow.

I have been thinking if you are willing to split the difference lets meet around the middle I will offer you $75.00 Cash Money The reasons are

1 it is a 20-30 year old Floz machine they have been out of Business since the late 90's

2. I need to standardize the lock with my other machines 10.00 bucks

3. Upgrade the Coin mech to .75 or 1.00 that is 25-30 bucks .

4. And come up with a stand that can handle it without tipping easily.

I can find a use for the machine but I don't need to own the machine. I think this is a fair offer Given what I need to do to have it make money. If this works for you let me know. I use these machines to make a living on and have a good grasp of what they should sell for. If it works great let me know If not Thanks for your time.

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