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August report


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Well my revenue report for August is this

I did 18 Stops total Gross was 240.00 had a few locationds down 20-30% but did get a one big winner from First Choice. Kohl's did 43.50 Old Nave 23.25 Banana Republic 21.50 and Loft 10.75 A bit of a disapointment. They had to move the machine out of the break area and Into the Managers Office.

So things are growing although my Per machine average is still the same. I did pull two triples and replace them with single GB machines. They were 6-10 dollar stops.

I will see how it goes the next couple of months for the Check Cashing places. I just made a basic route book to keep track machine levels, when I fill them, and what products if I need to change etc...

Also added a yearly total to the bottom of it. Nothing to fancy but something to get started with.

The Bar From Kickstart did 8.50 LRU I did 2 Dry cleaners 8.25 and Car dealer was 8.50.

I still have two more LRU locations to check and see. what happens. Hair place and Nail salon. I might put First Choice on for a couple of Blair spots after I make the Deal for the route there.

Last Three months then are like this

June 91.25 7 stops

July 158.50 12 stops

Aug 240.00 18 stops

Next month I will have 28-32 stops to do depending on when I get the Blair Route Purchased.

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Working your way up Big Red! It's been inspiring watching your blog the last few months. I know you're a little disappointed in your averages, but just remember that only 18 stops - the average may not be a true reflection. It only takes one or two steak and potatoes locations to skyrocket the average so keep grinding buddy.

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