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Anyone ever orderednfrom here?


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Too cheap? not really

We overpay for cranes thats for sure...

If they can build a complete microwave with digital timer and popcorn button...

color box... instruction manual... and sell it to wal-mart for under $20.00 shipped..

so wal mart can charge $29.95

They make whole digital televisions for $20.00

Tablet PC for $69.00

we in the arcade business are getting taken for a long ride.

then we way overpay for coin mechs, trollys, motors and parts...

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i checked it out,,seems real cheap,,website is real buggy though,,a lot of stuff has one price ,put it in cart and its a different price..

i.e. 19" monitor,,that price of 133 was good so i put in cart and it went to 600+..

you be the guinea pig and try them out...i will defiantly order if they are legit, Happ is getting way to high now..


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