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Another shopping day in vending


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Spent the day shopping some deals today on used machines.

First Stop:

Got one big kinetic machine with a .50 vend that will do gumballs or .49mm bouncy balls.

Got two double heads on stands with .25 vends

Got one big (looks like a tall NW but it's not) single on stand that dispenses .49mm or 2 in capsules.

For those 4 machines I paid a total of $145

Second Stop:

Got 4 brand new in box single v-lines with .50 vends for $125. No stands but I have some wood stands they can be mounted on.

Third Stop:

One used 8 head u-turn and one used vendstar (no keys for either) but both look like new. Paid $50 for both. They had over $20 in quarters in them. So less than $30 for both machines. Neither the greatest machine but cheap enough to use on location and/or resell.

My favorite is the kinetic gumball/bouncy ball machine. :)

So...where's the best deal on 49mm bouncy balls?

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