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First Purchase!


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I am yet to finalise this decision, but I'm planning on buying five, white, OAK made gumball machines.

  • The coin mechanism accepts 50cent coins, but these are outdated so i'm getting them changed to accept our new $1.00 coin.
  • All up, the cost is $95.00 per machine, and $25.00 per stand.
  • Four are double and one is a single.
  • Shipping is only $50.00! (that is awesome in NZ)
  • Total Cost: $600.00 (NZD's) - that translates into about $471.52 USD.
  • They are all white and in good condition - they are second hand.
Is that a good price for Oak machines? Anyone use OAK machine? Are they reliable?

I'm excited about this purchase as they will be my first foray into bulk vending. I'm a full liner usually.

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By my count thats 9 heads and 5 stands for $471.52USD. I think it is a good deal. The dollar vend is also a great idea in the right locations, of course if that is already common in New Zealand it is a no brainier, if not stick with the $.50 coin mech to start you can always upgrade later.(unless the upgrade is included in the price, of course you could always ask for both mechs) As for triple at $400.00NZ$, I would stay away, I don't like multi-head machines, I find it hard to offer more than two different products at most locations. Single heads can be built into multi-heads if the location warrants it.


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I run Oaks and they're great machines. If your .50c and $1.00 mechs are both single coin then the only difference is the coin carrier which is easily changed in 5 minutes. Sometimes someone in a location will put a set of vise grips on the handle and twist untill the coin carrier breaks causing the machine to free vend, Oak has a star shaped clutch handle to fix this problem for 5 or $6. You should be happy with your purchase.  Tom

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The triple heads are $300 NZD's each (That includes the stand etc). I was thinking of putting two at a mall at two different entrances. I don't think i would have trouble putting candy in them, it's just whether the mall will let me put them in commission free! I hope they do.

Just to clarify on my earlier post  - there are 5 heads all up, not 9. So two are double heads and one is a single if that make sense? All up there are 5 individual heads.

That is interesting to hear about the star shaped clutch handle! I may look into them. Although where I intend to put the machines, I doubt I will have trouble with this! But who knows eh?

And yes, the $1.00 is a single coin, thrid smallest infact! With the $1 coin it means that I would need to set the hopper onto a bigger vending capacity though wouldn't it? that's the only downside I think.

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