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cleaning house


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I have been in bulk vending a long time and i have gathered up alot of machines...I normally never really sell off a bunch of machines as i always think "Ill need it as soon as i get rid of it"... I run toys and only gum balls as perishable, no candy... i have 2 sheds full of machines, they are not organized, lids off as i took products out ,, some racks may have broken machine(s) as it was robbed and i just grabbed rack and replaced as it was faster, hell some might even be full of quarters(doubtful though)...I took a quick guestimate of head numbers and it come like this

about 26 Ok classic gumball vendors

16 playmation 49mm bouncy ball machines

about 60 2" cap machines(all have at least 50 cent coin mech,some 75 and 1.00)

about 35 2 column tatttoo machines

about 8 4 column tattoo

about 80 (probably more) 1" vendors,, most all are Oak 450 and NW 60s, some lypc etc might be sprinkled in

a zipper machine

kick and catch machine

spiral and parts of spiral that was broken

3 calling card machines

about 40-50 racks most aa 5 way and 7 way,alot of nw high 5 J stands also.

gumball falls from OK

old 4 way tnj

bvp baseball type vendor with wings and 2" cap and 2column tat

misc misc misc misc

I just bought a sign and graphics shop so i need the space.. Ive downsized my bulk the last few years due to so many closures and having to buy new equipment etc.. lot of factors on how i gathered up this much equipment.. The miscellaneous is alot of machines parts like coin mechs, wheels,pipe stands etc. and the count on machines was just quick guess on what was put together,,there are alot of bodies and globes etc that could probably be another 20-30 machines on the shelves.

make me a offer, Im not desperate and i have alot more than this still on the street so if its some insane lowball scrap metal price i wont even bother responding...I just want the space for my graphics printer etc...Im open to partnerships, some financing, trades or whatever..I could go and locate it i know but i really have other things to do...just let me know any ideas you might have,i just want the space ..Probably regret selling it because ill get some big chain or something and need the equipment in as soon as i do but so be it.

Im gonna post this to classifieds also but thought since it was such a big amount i would drop it here too,just delete it here if its a problem mods.



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Hey guys,

Gotta lot of pms thank you..but im gonna explain a little further to save some of you some time.

I really just want someone to come here with a big truck or let me put it all in a big truck(like 24' penske) and send it all to you. I dont want to mess with breaking racks down and palletizing stuff, picking some machines out and only selling that type etc..

I just thought some one that is wanting to grow fast and is in a area not near me could spend the time to do all of this.. Actually when I was growing and still excited about bulk vending i did just the same, I went and bought out warehouses full of machines in Detroit, Florida etc. and then came home and racked up machines and located them. I just thought someone might be in same position i was back when i first started vending.

If i wanted to take the time to break them down and ship this piece and that piece i could probably make more money i know,,but im just cleaning house and somebody is gonna get a great deal, I reallly wished i had family in some far off state that wanted to get into vending as i have a vending route sititng in storage really.

thanks for any interest


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Trust me Ron In about a Year from now I would have been all over it. It will be a great deal for someone that wants to go to the next level for sure. Good luck with the Sign and Lettering I know a guy doing pretty good with one in a small town Here in Nebraska.

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