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New to the crane business

Rick Falcon

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pros--- more money per location,

never gets old(unlike video games or high end merchandisers),

easier to locate that bulk,

not too complicated to fix(only 6 motions that is configured and could go wrong,up,down,left,right,forward and back) compared to other electronic machines,

makes locating really good bulk stops easier as you can take control of locations that wouldn't even talk to you about bulk before,once your in with crane you can normally muscle your bulk rack in easily.

cons-- short service cycles(have to fill at least every 2 weeks,even if there is still product it will die after 2 weeks as pliush will get flat and your "locals" or regulars will not keep trying for same plush)

harder to move and transport than say bulk,

different licensing and permits in most states and better enforced normally,

have to rotate plush so you end up with lots and lots of inventory to keep it profitable,

plush takes up lots of room in vehicle so service vehicle needs space.

your machines are a target for thieves(this vs bulk) and some locations are no good because of this,i.e. laundromats without attendant is a NO NO

there are others im sure to be added


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i agree with ron, and the ROI can be fantastic if you are willing to buy and work on used equipment.

the downside is if you are like me and take this approach you end up with a mishmash of different machines

and not enough spare parts to go around then when something goes wrong you have to swap machines until you

can score the right used parts (if they even exist lol)

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