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Sheridan Systems Acrylic Box Dimensions?


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I was wondering what the dimensions are of the top box (money box) of the Sheridan Systems Mint Box. I know the total size of the box is:

10"D X 5"W X 10"H

It looks to me that the top box (money box) is aprox. 5"x 5" x 5" ?

How thick/what size is the money slot?

Also, how thick is the plastic?



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The acrylic is 1/8" thick.

you're about right on with the size of the money box at 5" x 5"

the money slot is 1/4" wide and 2-1/4" long.

If I were going to duplicate a box I'd change the design and locking mechanism altogether to not use that type of lock so they'd be cheap and easy to key alike.

I got a couple of these used off of my local craigslist for about the same price as the sheridan boxes:


Those boxes use a padlock instead of the tab type lock.

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Thanks! I am talking with a few plastic design companies...I would like to get the price down a little.

Hi bulkjake, it's been a while on this post but did you ever find a company to do business with at a lower price on the acrylic boxes?  

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