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Price to fill Vendstar 3000


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Hey guys!

Getting ready to place my two vendstars and I have them stickered to do PMM, RUNTS and REESES PEICES.

I am wanting to know the product cost to fill my canisters? i plan to buy at Sams i guess.

just want to be prepared for the cost and how much each canister will hold before I head to the store. ;-)



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If these are new locations and you dont know how well they will do, I wouldnt fill the canisters up. I would put 1 bag in each canister (and pile up the candy next to the front so it looks fuller!) and then check back in a couple weeks. You then can adjust candy levels to how well they are selling. If the location is slow or even average, you may end up with spoiled or stale candy by the time you work through a totally full canister. Of course Runts are practically indestructable so this advice doesnt necessarily apply to them.

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