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Hello everyone.. Just came across this forum hoping to learn a little about the vending business.. I've thought about the soda and snack machine before but recently came across the massage chair opportunity and wanted some opinions on it.

I found two compaines to get the chairs from



I got a few emails out and actually already spoke to someone at thebackmassager yesterday. A few questions.. Do i need to be a corporation or have a business license to place these around town? It was mentioned to be that i also need liability insurance as well...

I understand location is key but are people really making money on these? Most places probably want half of the profits so in the end is it worth it?

I'd probably start with 2 chairs.

never done anything like this before but have waisted a lot of money trying different things especailly work from home garbage. At least with this there is a product and hopefully people will use it..




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Welcome aboard, Glad to have you in our forum.

Each state has different rules for this kind of business. Go to your state tax site and read their requirerments.

IMO if your going to start small don't worry about LLC until you get bigger.

Have you tried craigslist to see if you can find used chairs to start with? No need to invest a lot of money up front if you don't have to. Also check e bay.

You will want to find a high traffic spot [mostly malls] to put the chairs in. Malls are real hard to work with on these items, so be prepared for that.

Good luck and keep us posted on you adventure.

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